Are black women pushing black men to date outside their race?


  1. I’m a black male. I’m now afraid of black women because they’re angry. They have these weird standards that make no sense to me. They procreate with thugs, then wish to marry a good boy with no children. Makes no sense, where did this logic come from. Procreate with low lives, find a good man to help raise these mini thugs. My husband has to have a good job and no kids because I don’t do drama. Why? Shouldn’t I have my own standards? Sweet, no children, no drama, no thugs telling me how to run my home. Yeah, they’re pushing me away.

  2. I’m a black female. I do not understand why black men thinks that if one black women miss treat him then he will be angry with all black women. That’s not fair to the other black women that t would treat you like a King. Everybody needs to be respected.

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