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     Don Miller has cultivated an eclectic mix of friends, colleagues and associates as a mainstay in the Central Florida community for nearly 20 years. His extensive networking and affiliations with some of the most influential and intriguing people from the world of business, politics, religion, education, entertainment and athletics, qualifies Don as one of the most versatile and resourceful “on-air” personalities from coast-to-coast.

    “The Don Miller Show and Friends” offers a unique blend of savvy, sensible, street-smart, social commentary along with passionate, practical and thought-provoking dialogue on a wide range of issues affecting the everyday lives of citizens in Florida, the surrounding region, and country. Don often lends his considerable talents, contacts and name recognition to numerous charitable causes and concerns: senior citizens, law enforcement, and political candidates. This represents just one aspect of what’s made him an ally and advocate from board rooms to the city blocks. It also explains why he connects with such a diverse listening audience.

     Always candid and sometimes controversial, Don has a knack for talking and mingling. At one time, he dreamed of becoming a minister, but jokingly suggests that his propensity for using colorful language and occasionally imbibing in adult libations may not have endeared himself to pontificating from the pulpit on Sundays. Therefore, he figured a career in talk radio was the most logical way to proceed. Contact Don Miller at